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6-LED High Power Underwater Spot Light


Feature :

  1. 1.This is high power LED fitting, housing is made of all stainless , must be installed underwater .
  2. 2.Excellent heat conducting design of housing, ensure LED long life time.
  3. 3.Suggest RGB fitting work with Comlite RGB controller.

More details

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316# stainless steel housing


Step tempered glass T=8mm

Loading capacity:

Exert force area of Φ10=650kgs  Φ30=1530kgs


separate optical lens, efficiency ≥85%

Waterproof cable gland:

IP-68 PG-11 copper and nickel coated

Waterproof seal:

molding shaped silicone double seal


6pcs High power LEDs


Excellent heat conductivity aluminum, coefficient of heat conductivity ≥ 2.0w/mk


constant current output

Single color LED=1-circuit output

RGB LED=3-circuit output

RGB 3in1 LED=3-circuit output

Application environment:

In normal temperature water, water depth: within 1 meter

Power cable:

H05RN-F 2x1.0m㎡ L=3m (for single color)

H05RN-F 4x0.75m㎡ L=3m (for RGB)



1. LED driver is customized when the circumstance of working temperature is below 0℃

2. Use only switching power supply or coiled transformer for 24VDC power input.

3. Customized 316# stainless steel is available.





1. Beautiful appearance design
2. Long lifespan >50,000 hours
3. Low working voltage, safe for humen
4. Green Light, environmental protection
5. Low power consumption, high efficiency, economic
6. Single color, R/G/B and RGB 3 in 1 are available
7. CE and RoHS approval, IP68



Part No Light source Beam Angle Voltage Operating Current Consumption Lumen
B4B0616 6X2W
15 24VDC 470 11.3 Cool white=590
Warm white=518
B4B0618 6X2W
RGB 3in1
25 24VDC R=83 R=2 R=31
G=142 G=3.4 G=67
B=145 B=3.5 B=12