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Comlite LED Limited

Tel/WhatsApp: +86 159 8665 8054

Skype/Wechat: comlite




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Welcome to Comlite LED Limited 

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Welcome to Comlite LED Limited
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Thanks visiting our website. For a free energy analysis, technical information, pricing, and to see what LED lighting looks like in your environment, contact:


Office Tel: +86 0752-5306119

Fast call: +86 159 8665 8054


Skype: comlite

Wechat/Whatsapp: 0086 159 8665 8054


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Comlite LED Limited

3rd Oct, 2010

Decermber 28, 2014 Notice:

To dear clients,

Thanks for emailing Comlite. Because the instability of Google working in Mainland of China, emais to domain of and of Comlite would be delayed. Very sorry about this.

If you haven't got our feedback within 24 hours or later then your expect, please email to following:   

Please mark who you were in connected. Thank you very much.

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Comlite LED Limited