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Trend of fishing light in the fishery


In the fishing industry, fishing through the light is very common, particularly in the deep-sea fishery. Thus, fishing light is significant. Fishes have phototactic characteristic. LED fishing light uses this element to attract fishes getting together.


Fishing light has gone through kerosene lamps, incandescent, tungsten gold to metal halide lamp. It follows the history of the development of power source.


We mainly use metal halide lamp in fishing industry. There are five shortcomings to use metal halide lamp.

  First, not environmental friendly, mercury pollution; 

  Second, unsafe, metal halide lamp is easily broken because the glass body and lots of UV ejects which will cause harm to humans and marine organism; 

  Third, it cannot start instantly. It always takes 15 minutes; 

  Fourth, it can’t be adjusted the brightness and light color according to the environment and fish species; 

  Fifth, life of metal halide lamp is generally about 2300 hours, while the LED’s can reach to tens of thousands of hours.

Current applications luminous efficiency of LED light can reach 100lm / W or more. Compared with metal halide, it can save 70% of energy consumption, while life expectancy is 5-10 times than metal halide lamp. LED fishing light is more environmental and safer, so it is the inevitable choice for future fishing light.


We have 6-8w 15w 18w 30w 60w 90w 200-1000w fishing LED lights, with 12-24VDC 90-270VAC input voltage, white warm white RGB colors. If you are insteresting in our LED fishing lights, kindly to contact us.

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