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Prize questionnaire from Comlite LED limited


Thank you to be attention and support us for so many years, now we have a questionnarie aimed at new and old customers.


We have some questions, hope you can answer. If you answer or questions, you will have a chance to get a gift.


Choose either one:

1. Samples will be free (not more than RMB500),but no shipping free.

2. Shipping will be free in the next order, but no free samples.

PS: Survey with prizes will come to an end by October 15, 2013. Then we will arrange the production of samples, which you chose in the survey. All samples are the latest production, and will be send to you within this year. If you chose shipping free, time won't be restrict.

Please answer the questions below:


1.Through what way do you know suppliers usually:

 A:B2B? What is the specific website? 

 B:Search by keywords ,using which one?

 C:exhibitions? which one?

 D:Introduce by friends? What kind of work are they engaged in generally?

 E:Compare the locked suppliers, what is the worth of your trust? quality? Service? price?


2.Which product is the largest sales in yours?


 3. On the development trend of LED in the future, which product do you think will have the market potential, with the largest sales?


4. What is the biggest problem between you and the suppliers, when you are using the products?


5. What are the special products do you need but no factory can produce to you now?


6. Through what way do you know about our company at the first time? 

 A: B2B? Which one?

 B: Receive the email from the salesman of our company? What make you satisfied, the originality of products or salesman's services? Which qualities of he make you satisfied?

C: Search our company by keywords? Using which words?


7. What is your favorite product of our company? What is the main performance of this product make you satisfied? 


8. Which aspect are you the most recognize of our company?

A: Performance-price ratio

B: Service

C: The ability of research and develop new products


9. The company's development need your feedbacks. In what way do you want to have a better service and support in our company?


Thank you for your cooperation.

Now you can choose your favorite samples, or you can enjoy a free shipping, and the products will have preferential prices. wherever you are.

Our company's website is:

Download address of our quotations is: % 20lists - Comlite % 202013.6