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Zhejiang Shipu Port "Thousands of boats compete" go fishing. The scene is very spectacular.

September 16th, the eighteenth China (Xiangshan) Fishing Festival set sail ceremony was held in Zhejiang Xiangshan Shipu. So far, Xiangshan fishermen experience fishing moratorium for three and a half month. Anchor in the high-pitched cries, they ushered in the fishing days.

Spread for thousands of fishermen chant sounded in Shipu Port River. One thousand high-powered steel fishing end to end, plowed blue waves white caps, heading depths of the sea.

Now fishing season is coming, how can you lack of fishing artifacts? Underwater LED fishing lights attracting more fishes easily. We have 8W-90W DC12V-24V input or 200W-2000W AC100-260V input,White Blue Green colors for choose, with energy saving, CE RoHS approved, factory direct selling, short delivery.

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