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How do Underwater Fishing Lights Attract Fish?
It is well known that many species of fresh and saltwater fish mainly feed at night, but it is often difficult to catch them. Underwater fishing lights solve this problem by bringing the fish right to you. After a short amount of time in the water, the underwater fishing light causes a chain reaction. The light initially attracts masses of microscopic photo-plankton that cloud the water. These small organisms then attract the common bait fish to the light, and then after 15-30 minutes, they will appear to be memorized by the light and continuously swim circles around it. These baitfish are all you need to make for the best night fishing experience you have ever had. Predator fish will begin to crowd the light and take advantage of the easy meal. Net a few of the bait fish swimming around or merely match them with a similar artificial and you will be on your way to an incredible night of catching!