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AC/DC12-24V AC110-240V Dimmable 20W COB Underwater LED Fiishing Lights


White / Green / Blue / Warm white

4pcs COB LEDs

AC110V-240V, AC/DC12-24V

360° beam angle


CE Rohs approved

OEM service

More details

AC12-24V LED fishing lures-AC110-240V 20W COB Underwater LED Fiishing Lights-DC12-24V LED underwater fishing lights-Dimmable LED light fishing




Power 60W

AC110V-240V, AC/DC 12-24V


4pcs COB leds



Beam Angle 360°
Lighting efficiency 90%
IP Rate IP68
Cable length 6M
Lamp size 335*40mm
Working temperature (in water) ≤30°C
Life time 30000Hours
AC240V 60W led fishing lights 2
LED fishing lights 20W 2


1.The transformation of large fishing vessels 

2.Light cover net, sea fishing 

3.Cage net, small fishing net 

4.Silver nets,fishermen modified net 

5.Fish ponds,fishing in the lake.

How to Choose Fishing Light Colour

Attract prawns, squids and Fish to your favourite spot with these super bright LED fishing lights.

These Underwater Fishing lights can penetrate up to 75m through water to attract marine life at night.

We recommend the following colours for these applications:

-White color for General Purpose

-Blue color for Prawns and Fish

-Green color for squid

-Red color is best for attracting Saury.

Warm Tips:

1. Must keep the lamp in water 3 minutes after power off. So that the heat dissipated.

2. Cable can not load-bearing, If the light more than 1.5KG, please use a rope to lift the lamp

3. Price is not including export and import custom or tax. You have to pay for them when local delivery agent contacts you.
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