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1X3W high power LED Recessed wall light



1. PAR-type lens make more even light distribution, especially for RGB fitting.

2. Different beam angle options of lens for single color and RGB fitting.

3. With the different size of driver for low voltage input and high voltage input fitting, there are two options for the height of the fitting.


More details

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Housing: 12# die-casting grey powder coated aluminum.
T=60-80um Adhesion of ISO class 1/ASTM class 4B
Front ring: 316# stainless steel
Lens: optical Glass
Waterproof seal: Rubber seal
Operating temperature: -20~40℃
Mounting sleeve: PVC




Part D1UA0102 D1UA0106 Technique Parameters: 

Part No. Light Source Lens Beam Angle(°) Input (V) Typical Current(mA) Typical Consumption(w) Typical Luminace(im)


single color

45 24VDC 110 2.6 Cool white=31
Warm white=27
120VAC 48 3.3
240VAC 28 3.3
D1UA0106 1X3W
RGB 3in1  
45 24VDC




3.5 46


1. Beautiful appearance design
2. Long lifespan >50,000 hours
3. Low working voltage, safe for human
4. Green Light, environmental protection
5. Low power consumption, high efficiency, economic
6. Single color, R/G/B and RGB 3 in 1 are available
7. CE and RoHS approval, IP65

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