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3.75M 96W 12V Telescopic LED Fishing Rod Lights


3.75M telescopic fishing rod

Multifunctional RF remote controller

Alligator clip and Cigarette lighter are avaliable

DC12V input

More details

Telescopic LED Fishing Rod Lights-LED night fishing rod lights-Telescopic LED street lights-Telescopic LED camping lights


4M led fishing rod lights 96w 


The effect of 48W, 96W is more brightness.



Function: Field camping, Road trip, Night fishing enthusiast, Party Lighting, Mobile Street Lighting, Mobile Panel Lighting

Battery: Connect the lamp to the car battery,Or connect the lamp to a 12V storage battery.

RF remote controller:  25% 50% 100% 3Levels adjustable brightness


Fishihg rod: 3.75M telescopic fishing rod for choose,  


Package include : Lamp, Controller, Fishing rod, Cigarette lighter, Alligator clip, Wire, Instruction


RF Controller Funtion:

1. Dimmer & Dynamic

2. 8 Dynamic Effects

3. 10-Level Dimmer

4. 256-Grade PWM

5. Speed adjustable

6. Card type remote

7. Ultra slim design

8. Smooth dimmer effect

9. 1 to 1 remote paired

10. Auto save function 


1:Turn on / Standby

Press this key to turn on unit or switch to standby mode. Unit will turn on and restore to previous status at powering on moment.

2: Lighting mode

Switch to lighting mode from dynamic mode.

3/8/9: Dimmer Adjust Shortcuts

Switch to 100%, 50% or 25% brightness lighting mode.3/8/9. Dimmer Adjust Shortcuts

4/6: Dynamic mode adjust

Switch to dynamic mode from lighting mode, or switch betwreen different dynamic modes.

5/7: Speed Adjust

Adjust playing speed of dynamic modes. Press SPEED+ to increase speed and press SPEED- to decrease.

10/11: Brightness adjust (Dimmer)

Adjust lighting mode brightness. Press BRIGHT+ to increase brightness and press BRIGHT- to decrease.

led fishing rod lights 6

LED fishing rod lights series 1

PS: The lamp board can make with IP65, if you want it IP65 waterproof, please contact us.

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