2000W LED underwater fishing lights-East ocean fishing fleets

Comlite Had a Successful Delivery of 60 pieces of 2000W LED Underwater Fishing Lights to the East Ocean Fishing Fleets


Warmly congratulating on Comlite successfully delivering 60 pieces of LED Underwater Fishing Lights of 2000 watt to the East Ocean Fishing Fleets.


2000w LED Underwater Fishing Lights, which are mainly used in squid fishing operations, has the most strong power in the current market. With repeatedly testing and improving to it by our Research and Development Department, its heat dissipation performance and ability to resist water pressure is very strong enough to be put 90M deep into water. Besides, this kind of light possesses a stable performance by applying mature production technology. 


Underwater Fishing light meets the wide range of voltage input of AC90-265V and has white or green colors, all with CE RoHS approvement 


We have a wide variety of Underwater Fish Lights from 8 watt to 2000 watt with white , green , blue colors, low voltage (DC12-24V) input or high voltage (AC90-265V) input, which have all obtained CE ROHS certification. No matter you are a professional or wild fishing amateur, there is always a suitable one for you.


If you are a wholesalers or retailers, please don’t hesitate to contact us. No wonder there is no such a product that has a better promotional potential than that of this new product, which is even direct sold by the factory.


Welcom to join Comlite.


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