Fishing Lighting Manufacturing, Since 2012


COMLITE involved in the demand for light sources for Fishing and fish farms. Night Fishing Underwater LED Lights attract more fish and more energy efficient than halogen lamps, more color for choose in different waters. LED lights in fish farm application are used to gather fish for feeding and catching in large fishing ponds. What is more, the light can help algae grow. The underwater LED Fishing light is also submarine LED Grow Lights for plant in water. 


We understand your fishing business


COMLITE LED underwater fishing light use reasonable spectral wavelength, high light flux, simulate summer sunlight, help fish better growth and higher slaughtering quality.
COMLITE LED Underwater lights are specially designed to reduce the temperature of the water around the lamp body and better integrate into the algae environment, which helps to reduce the time cost of algae farming and obtain better quality submarine plants faster.



Our History

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