LED Fishing Light History

Fishing Light History

Fishing lights have been around for a very long time. Pacific Islanders discovered that casting light on the water from their torches not only helped them see the fish but actually attracted them. Torches evolved into kerosene lamps, flashlights, and halide light bulbs. Later, the unsafe use of floating car lights and household light bulbs was quickly determined to be productive but tremendously hazardous. These lights, and other floating lights, also produced an undesired effect of attracting swarms of flying insects. In the recent years, the LED technology has developed to be known as one of the most energy efficient light sources. Along with its cutting-edge performance and efficiency, LED lights are known for their extremely long lifespan. Securing this technology into a durable waterproof unit has been difficult, until NOW! Underwater LED fishing lights are the way of the future, and the COMLITE is leading the pack!



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