1 LED cuttable 5050 strip, 50LED/m

Flexible SMD 5050 LED strip, 50LED/m, 12Watt/m, can be cut every 20mm with 1 LED,easy to suit the length, power supply independence for every LED, supplied in 10mm width 5m ,10m or 15m/ rolls.white PCB with 3M adhesive tape on back, easy to install. 20cm wires for 12VDC input.



1. Light source:  SMD 5050 Tri-chip LED, 50LED/m

2. Operating Voltage:  DC12V , 12W/m

3. Emitting color :  red, green, blue,yellow, warm white, pure white, cold white

4. Viewing angle : 120 degrees

5. 3M adhensive tape in backside, Cuttable every 2cm with 1LED

6. Max Length :  15meter

7. Operating Temperature : -25 ~ +60 °C

8. Storage Temperature :  -40 ~ +80 °C


 *Advantages: Not obvious dark looking when 1 led drops working comparing with normal LED strip which would 3LEDs stop working. Easier to maintain and repair. Can get 2cm short parts. 


*Applications: Back lighting, decorative lighting.