B4B060-450W12V-24V LED Underwater Fishing Light with protective case

5 Meters cable

Stainless steel case protective

DC12V 24V, 360° beam angle

White Green Blue color for choose

CE, Rohs, IP68 ,approved


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Stainless Cage Protect 250W LED Waterproof Fishing Bait Light Explosion Proof Deep Drop Underwater Fish Lure Bait Lamp


LED Fishing lights Feature:

1. Superior Penetrative Ability: With built-in weighted lead, these underwater fishing lights are submersible to 5m depth to attract marine life at night.

2. Quality LED light source: 12 Volt or 24 Volt, 4 Sided LED Fishing Light, 360 degree

3. Easy to use: Just clamp your green led fish light alligator clips onto your preferred battery and start catching bait and game fish.

4. Stainless steel case protection.



LED Fishing lights

400W White color:

450W Green color:

Available Colors:

Comlite LED Fishing Light Series:

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